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e-com coach

I'm an e-commerce coach, and I am here to help you build a successful e-commerce store and share some tips and tricks to increase your revenue.


Why YOU here? 

You've created a business. You are running an e-shop, and you have many things to handle. It's not easy to have prepared all products, webpage, ads, social media, finance, suppliers, invoices, and more...

Why WE here?

To run a successful e-shop requires a massive amount of knowledge from many different perspectives. The key to activities you do is to understand their value..., and this is why I am here. I am here to help you with your e-commerce business struggles.For more daily Business Performance Analytics and Sales Forecasting, try tool made for all Shopify e-commerce shops. 


Who WE are? 

We are a group of e-commerce enthusiasts with many experiences in the field who decided to share knowledge with everyone involved. So, Arthur, Edil, Magdalen or Dusan, and Ermek joined forces and built new ... share with us the topics we are not covering yet and may be interesting for you.

Looking forward!

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